Story of the domain

From the hunting house to the winery

Story of the domain

From the hunting house to the winery

20 ha in Bordeaux Supérieur appellation located on limestone-clay soil close to Saint Emilion

According to legend, in 1810, the Duke of Chambord fell in love with the natural beauty of this place and built his hunting estate here. As a passionate fan of rooster fighting, he named it Château L’Éperon, after the French word for a rooster’s spur.

The image of the rooster, a symbol of France, is featured on each bottle of wine produced by the Château.

Château L’Éperon was completely restored in 1981 when it was acquired by an English aristocrat who made it his main residence in the last years of his life.

The wine has been produced in the Château since 1830

Since 2018, the vineyard has been certified HV3 (High Ecological Value – Level 3).

We ourselves fell in love with Château L’Éperon and purchased it in 2021. This is a project of close friends and family members from different countries that brought us together to make our dream come true. A new chapter in the history of Château L’Éperon began, blending a unique location with a rich history and international experience.

We Love Bordeaux wine (SAS WLB is the name of our company), and would love to share with you “PASSION WHICH BRINGS FRIENDS TOGETHER”

Maria, Nathalie et Olivier

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